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Portable Virus/Malware Scanner


ULD-VAU3*A series

Eliminates cyber security blind spots on plant floor

  • Enables early detection of cyber threats in an offline environment

  • No software installation required

  • Works with Windows Embedded OS

  • Memory process scan

  • Alert LED stays Lit in the event of threat detection

  • Scan log saved in secure memory area

  • Fast scan time

usb2_figure01 copy.jpg
Red: Malware/Virus "Detected"
Blue: No threat found

Easy to Deploy

  • VaccineUSB3 requires no central console, dedicated intranet server. 

  • Update virus definition file with just 1 click and it is ready-to-use in an offline environment.

  • VacccineUSB3 requires no software installation and can be used on any host computer.

Easy to Operate

  • Plug and Scan

  • Streamlined operation minimizes manual efforts required to perform offline scan.

  • Alert LED provides instant visual feedback without having to rely on system display.

Easy to Manage

  • VaccineUSB3 allows unlimited number of scans on any computers, eliminating the need for counting & managing the license of each target computer.

  • Collects detail hardware & software information of target PC  and  helps to track offline IT/OT assets.

  • Customizable scan options to meet customer specific scan requirement.

Usage Scenario

  • Preventive Maintenance of offline terminals

  • Incoming Inspection of field return, leased Equipment

  • Final Inspection before shipment

  • Ensuring the safety of work environment at a customer site

  • Included as an optional security tool of a larger system


  • Industrial Computers

  • Test & Measurement Equipment

  • Inspection Systems

  • Medical Equipment

  • Distributed Control Systems

  • Robot/Machinery Controller

Why VaccineUSB is Essential

Anritsu, a leading company in the field of measurement instruments, has recommended that anti-virus software should not be installed directly on instruments due to the potential impact on their performance. Instead, they suggest using external anti-virus tools such as those on USB drives or CD-ROMs for scanning.

According to Anritsu's white paper on anti-virus measures:

"It is recommended to use anti-virus software installed on a separate computer or a USB-drive shaped anti-virus tool for scanning Anritsu's instruments equipped with Windows XP or Windows Embedded Standard 2009."

This approach ensures that the performance of the instruments is not compromised while maintaining robust protection against malware. VaccineUSB provides a perfect solution by offering a portable and efficient way to scan and detect viruses from your instruments without affecting their performance.

For more detailed information on Anritsu's anti-virus measures,


you can download the white paper here: 

Download Specsheet

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1-year License Extension
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