Portable Virus/Malware Scanner


ULD-VAU3*A series

Eliminates cyber security blind spots on plant floor

  • Enables early detection of cyber threats in an offline environment

  • No software installation required

  • Works with Windows Embedded OS

  • Memory process scan

  • Alert LED stays Lit in the event of threat detection

  • Scan log saved in secure memory area

  • Fast scan time

Red: Malware/Virus "Detected"
Blue: No threat found

Easy to Deploy

  • VaccineUSB3 requires no central console, dedicated intranet server. 

  • Update virus definition file with just 1 click and it is ready-to-use in an offline environment.

  • VacccineUSB3 requires no software installation and can be used on any host computer.

Easy to Operate

  • Plug and Scan

  • Streamlined operation minimizes manual efforts required to perform offline scan.

  • Alert LED provides instant visual feedback without having to rely on system display.

Easy to Manage

  • VaccineUSB3 allows unlimited number of scans on any computers, eliminating the need for counting & managing the license of each target computer.

  • Collects detail hardware & software information of target PC  and  helps to track offline IT/OT assets.

  • Customizable scan options to meet customer specific scan requirement.

Usage Scenario

  • Preventive Maintenance of offline terminals

  • Incoming Inspection of field return, leased Equipment

  • Final Inspection before shipment

  • Ensuring the safety of work environment at a customer site

  • Included as an optional security tool of a larger system


  • Industrial Computers

  • Test & Measurement Equipment

  • Inspection Systems

  • Medical Equipment

  • Distributed Control Systems

  • Robot/Machinery Controller

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