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SCSI-MO/FD/Tape Drive Emulator

SCSI-MO/FD/Tape Drive Emulator



MO/FD/Tape Emulator

HSCSF2 Series

  • Replace Internal & External SCSI devices

  • Hardware MO/TAPE/FLOPPY Emulation

  • CompactFlash slot x 1

  • Fits in 3.5" Disk Slot

  • No Special Software Required

  • Firmware Upgradable

  • Network Backup/Restore (Optional)


The HSCSF2 emulates legacy SCSI removable storage devices such as Floppy Disk Drive, Magneto-Optical (MO) and Tape Drive on durable CompactFlash memory card.

The HSCSF2 requires no host change and operates seamlessly with legacy host systems in medical, telecom, semiconductor, test & measurement equipment.

The optional dual CF-slot configuration will provide mirroring capability and allows you to create a backup of CompactFlash easily. 

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