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Portable Malware Scanner
for Stand-alone/Offline Systems


ULD-VAU3*A series

What is VaccineUSB?

VaccineUSB is a portable malware scanner designed specifically for stand-alone and offline systems. It runs reliable Trellix antivirus software directly from a USB stick, providing robust protection without the need for software installation on the target PC.

Key Features:

  • Powered by Trellix: Formerly known as McAfee, Trellix offers trusted antivirus protection.

  • No Software Installation Required: Simply plug in the USB stick and start scanning.

  • Versatile Use: Effective on industrial PCs without a monitor or keyboard.

  • Real-time Results: Scan results are displayed via LEDs on the USB stick, ensuring you can easily see the status without additional hardware.

  • Comprehensive Asset Management: Collects detailed hardware and software information during scans, aiding in asset management.

usb2_figure01 copy.jpg
Red: Malware/Virus "Detected"
Blue: No threat found

Why Choose VaccineUSB?

In an era where everything is connected to the network, there are still critical systems that must operate offline or as stand-alone units due to security policies, operational requirements, or the need to ensure uninterrupted performance. These systems are often vulnerable to undetected malware threats. Traditional antivirus solutions often require network connections and software installations, which are not feasible for these systems.

Benefits of Using VaccineUSB:

  • Eliminate Blind Spots: Ensures early detection of cyber threats in stand-alone/offline systems within OT environments.

  • Enhance Security: Provides a robust layer of security for OT environments that cannot be protected by conventional means.

  • Reduce Downtime: Prevents malware from causing operational disruptions, thus maintaining productivity and safety in OT environments.

  • Simplify Maintenance: Easy-to-use, no-fuss solution for routine security checks, even on systems without standard input/output peripherals.

  • Easily Verify Virus-Free Status: Quickly confirm that industrial computers are virus-free during deployment or upon return, ensuring they are safe to integrate into your network and preventing the spread of malware to your customers' networks.

How Does VaccineUSB Work?

Using VaccineUSB is straightforward and hassle-free. Follow these simple steps to secure your OT systems:

  1. Update the USB Stick: Connect VaccineUSB to an internet-enabled PC to ensure the latest virus definitions are downloaded.

  2. Plug into Target PC: Insert VaccineUSB into the target stand-alone or offline system within the OT environment.

  3. Automatic Scan: The scan starts automatically, or you can manually initiate it if preferred.

  4. Review Results: LED indicators on the USB stick will show the scan results. You can also review detailed logs saved on the USB stick.

  5. Take Action: If threats are detected, follow the recommended steps to quarantine or remove the malware.

1. Regular Maintenance in Manufacturing Plants

  • Scenario: In a manufacturing plant, various machines and control systems are operated offline to ensure stability and prevent unauthorized access.

  • Usage: Use VaccineUSB to regularly scan these systems for malware, ensuring that they remain secure and operational without requiring network connectivity.

2. Pre-deployment Check for New Industrial Equipment

  • Scenario: Before deploying new industrial PCs or machinery to a customer site, it’s crucial to ensure they are virus-free.

  • Usage: Use VaccineUSB to scan the equipment for malware before delivery, providing assurance that the new hardware will not introduce any security risks to the customer’s network.

Security Verification After Equipment Repairs

  • Scenario: Industrial equipment is often sent for repairs and needs to be verified as secure before being re-integrated into the production environment.

  • Usage: Use VaccineUSB to scan repaired equipment to confirm it is free from malware, ensuring safe reintegration into the production line.

Routine Checks in Critical Infrastructure

  • Scenario: In critical infrastructure sectors such as energy or water supply, control systems often run offline to avoid cyber threats.

  • Usage: Use VaccineUSB to perform routine security checks, ensuring these vital systems are protected from potential malware threats even without network access.

Field Operations for Remote Industrial Sites

  • Scenario: Technicians visiting remote industrial sites with limited or no internet access need to ensure the systems they interact with are secure.

  • Usage: Equip technicians with VaccineUSB to scan and secure remote systems on-site, providing immediate threat detection and ensuring the safety of the systems they maintain.

Security for Maritime and Remote Locations

  • Scenario: Systems on board ships or in remote locations often operate offline due to the lack of consistent internet access.

  • Usage: Use VaccineUSB to scan and protect these systems, ensuring they remain secure and functional even when they are isolated from networks.

       >> More detail                                  below.

Compliance with Security Audits

  • Scenario: Companies are required to comply with stringent security standards and regular audits.

  • Usage: Use VaccineUSB to perform comprehensive scans and generate reports, demonstrating compliance with security regulations for offline and stand-alone systems.

Protection of Legacy Systems

  • Scenario: Older, legacy systems that control critical operations are often not compatible with modern security software.

  • Usage: Use VaccineUSB to scan and protect these legacy systems, ensuring they are not vulnerable to malware despite their outdated nature.

Customer Network Integration Assurance

  • Scenario: As a provider of industrial equipment, ensuring that your products do not compromise customer networks is crucial.

  • Usage: Use VaccineUSB to verify that the equipment is virus-free before integrating it into customer environments, thereby preventing potential malware spread and ensuring customer trust.



The Growing Need for VaccineUSB in Light of New Cybersecurity Standards

In recent years, the maritime industry has seen a significant increase in the focus on cybersecurity, driven by new standards and guidelines from organizations like the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) and the International Association of Classification Societies (IACS). These standards, such as the ABS Requirements for Cyber Resilience of Ships (UR E26) and Cyber Resilience of On-board Systems and Equipment (UR E27), as well as the IACS Cyber Position Paper, highlight the critical importance of protecting ships and their onboard systems from cyber threats.

The Introduction of New Cybersecurity Standards

The ABS and IACS standards were established to ensure that ships and their onboard systems are resilient to cyber attacks throughout their lifecycle. These standards are designed to:

  • Identify, protect, detect, respond, and recover: Implement comprehensive measures to safeguard against cyber threats.

  • Ensure system integrity: Require third-party equipment suppliers to meet stringent cybersecurity criteria.

  • Support compliance: Help ship operators and owners comply with international regulations such as the IMO’s Maritime Cyber Risk Management Guidelines.

Why VaccineUSB is Essential

The introduction of these stringent standards has underscored the need for robust cybersecurity solutions that can be effectively deployed in the unique environments of ships and offshore platforms. This is where VaccineUSB comes in:

  • Offline and Stand-alone Systems: Ships often operate in environments where network connectivity is limited or non-existent, making traditional antivirus solutions impractical. VaccineUSB provides a reliable solution for scanning and securing systems without the need for network connections.

  • Critical System Protection: The navigation control systems on ships must operate as stand-alone units to prevent critical disruptions. VaccineUSB ensures these systems are free from malware, maintaining the safety and functionality of maritime operations.

  • Regulatory Compliance: By using VaccineUSB, ship operators can easily comply with the cyber resilience requirements set by ABS and IACS, demonstrating adherence to best practices and enhancing overall security posture.

  • Pre-deployment and Maintenance Checks: VaccineUSB allows for quick and thorough scans of industrial computers and systems before deployment and after repairs, ensuring they are virus-free and safe to integrate into the network.

Embracing the Future of Maritime Cybersecurity

As the maritime industry continues to evolve, the importance of cybersecurity cannot be overstated. The adoption of the new ABS and IACS standards is a clear indication of the industry's commitment to safeguarding its operations against cyber threats. VaccineUSB is designed to meet these challenges head-on, providing a critical layer of protection for ships and offshore platforms.

By leveraging VaccineUSB, maritime operators can ensure they are not only compliant with the latest standards but also proactive in protecting their critical systems from the ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats.

Explore how VaccineUSB can enhance your cybersecurity strategy and help you navigate the complexities of maritime cyber resilience. Contact us today to learn more.

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