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About Hagiwara Sys-Com

Hagiwara Sys-Com US Co., Ltd., headquartered in Laguna Hills, California USA was founded in 2001 to distribute highly reliable industrial grade flash storage devices manufactured by Hagiwara Sys-Com Japan (currently Hagiwara Solutions Co., Ltd.) in overseas markets.

While offering Hagiwara Solutions' state-of-the-art SSD for new system designs, it also delivers retrofit solutions for legacy storage systems in long-lasting applications.
The retrofit solutions is available under Hagiwara Sys-Com brand and has been adopted in various markets including military, telecom, infrastructure, manufacturing.

Laguna Hills office.jpg

Laguna Hills, California USA

Hagiwara's Value

We can help you to choose the right flash storage solutions for your application/requirements in the shortest amount of time.

Evaluation unit is available for your testing. We encourage you to test our products to determine whether the item will meet your expectation.

In addition to new system deployment, we also support legacy storage sustainment needs in long-lasting applications.

All products are manufactured using a locked BOM as default.
(Products without locked BOM are specified.)

We can customize our standard products to meet your requirements

In the event of a part specification change or EOL, customers will be notified in writing in advance.

No Minimum order Quantity for standard products. We accept order from quantity 1.

Pre-sales and post-sales support are available through web form, email or direct phone.

We will respond to inquiries from anywhere in the world within 24 hours.

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