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High Endurance 3D NAND Flash Storage Solutions

3D NAND technology has become mainstream for enterprise & consumer  applications and now industrial 3D TLC is making its way to embedded applications.  

Leveraging its expertise in NAND flash and SSD  firmware, Hagiwara Solutions’ new 3D NAND SSD series incorporate extended-endurance mode that can achieve up to 50,000 program/erase cycles under -40°C to +85°C environment. 

This represents more than  x15 times increase of the write endurance of industrial 3D TLC. The extended endurance and reliability of the new SSD series make it ideal for demanding applications that still need the reliability close to traditional 2D SLC  NAND. 

Extended Endurance

Delivers up to 15x times higher endurance than Industrial 3D NAND.

Stable Performance

Designed to deliver consistent performance throughout product life.

Lower TCO

Flexible configuration allows customers to pick the SSD that best meets their performance, endurance and reliability needs.

50,000 P/E Cycle
10,000 P/E Cycle
3,000 P/E Cycle
Higher Performance
High Endurance
Higher Density
Lower Cost Per Bit

Three Endurance Classes

Technology inside Hagiwara 3D NAND SSDs

Power Loss Data Protection

The Rollback and Trace technology ensures data integrity without requiring on-board capacitors, voltage detect-pin mechanism.

Thermal Monitoring & Throttling

Thermal throttling prevents overheating and degradation of on-board components.

SLC cache

Imroves write-efficiency to maximize SSD life.


Prevents uneven wear of memory cells.


Layers of strong error correction that extends the service life of SSD.

Comprehensive SMART information

Detail feedback enables proactive actions against failures.

High-Endurance 3D NAND Product Line-ups

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