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The Hagiwara Sys-Com "Vaccine USB " is a portable virus detection tool for hidden virus threats in Windows OS based industrial systems, such as:

Factory Production equipment
Test and Measurement devices
Medical equipment
Professional A/V equipment

and other systems where installation of anti-virus software is difficult or limited.


Key Features:

  • Self Contained - No software installation, no changes or modifications are necessary on the target PC. This allows for usage without concern to voiding the manufacturer warranty.

  • Easy to Manage - Device setting, scan log and virus definition update software all run from the Vaccine USB and any internet accessible PC can be used - no additional PC setup or installation is required!

  • Scan on Demand - Unlike installation type anti-virus software, risk of system slowdowns due to real time virus monitoring or unexpected scans are avoided. With the Vaccine USB, scan when the time is right - such as during lunch breaks or plant downtimes.

  • Auto-Run - No keyboard or monitor required. The Vaccine USB will auto-run the scan within 15 seconds after insertion.

  • Easy to Understand Results - When the scan is complete, the Vaccine USB status LED will illuminate either:
    • Blue = Virus Free
    • Red = Virus Detected

  • 3 User Settings - The user can select from 3 different settings:
    • 1. Scan Only (default)
    • 2. Scan + List
    • 3. Scan + Auto-Delete

  • Works with Windows XP Embedded Operating System

  • Powered by McAfee - scan engine and up-to-date virus definitions provided by McAfee

Versus installation type anti-virus software:

Installation type anti-virus software, which are effective at safeguarding office computers, have limitations from being deployed on the factory floor.

  • Intermittent access to the internet, if any, which prevents up-to-date virus definition and program version updates.

  • Risk of system slowdowns due to real time virus monitoring.

  • Product warranties that restrict user installation of any non-manufacturer approved software, including anti-virus scan software, which could void the warranty and possibly incur expensive fees to restore back to factory settings.

The Vaccine USB is designed to overcome these challenges.
Pricing Information:
Vaccine USB* w/1-year subscription** $499.00/ea.
Vaccine USB* w/2-year subscription** $768.00/ea.
Vaccine USB* w/3-year subscription** $1,037.00/ea.
1-year subscription** renewal $299.00/yr.
* = unlimited number of target hosts and scans
** = includes software and virus definition updates
Contact for more information or evaluation request
Volume discounts available - contact us for more information
Operating Environment PC/AT compatbile machine with USB interface
  CD-ROM drive must be recognized
(auto-run from CD-ROM drive must be enabled to launch the pre-loaded program automatically)
  Physical memory: 128MB or more
Host Interface USB 2.0 / 1.1 (High Speed / Full Speed)
Operating Systems Windows 7 32-bit (64-bit not supported)
  Windows Vista (SP2) 32-bit
  Windows XP Service Pack 2, 3
  Windows XP Embedded
  Windows 2000
Connector USB Type-A Connector
Environmental RoHS Compliant and Lead Free
Contact us:
Hagiwara Sys-Com US Co., Ltd.
Telephone: 949-756-2028
  Contact for more information or evaluation request
  More contact information
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