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ADG series Description Specifications PDF

The IDE Flash Memory Card Drive (P/N ADGx-CFMxxx) is a CompactFlash to IDE Flash memory card drive which adapts true IDE CF card(s) in either Type I or Type II form factor to a standard solid state / non-volatile Flash IDE drive.

This IDE Flash Memory Card Drive operates from a single 5V power source and is available in both 2.5" (single CF slot) and 3.5" (dual CF slots) form factors. The drive does not require any special drivers and it accepts CF card(s) of any capacities.

Users with CompactFlash cards can convert the CF cards into Flash IDE drives for applications such as ATM, Factory Automation Equipments, POS terminals, measuring instruments, vending machines, parking systems, W-CMDA base stations, broadcast station facilities, RAID systems, etc... that must withstand environment stress.

CF Slot(s) 3.5" 2
2.5" 1
Capacity User configurable
Operating Voltage 5V +/- 10%
Environmental non-operating Shock 9800 m/s2 (three axis directions)
Vibration 147 m/s2 (25Hz to 2000Hz) operating
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